Agro, a place to savor the wonders of Empordà

Agro is a place in the heart of l'Empordà where you can taste, eat, and purchase local products. The idea behind this family-owned business is to allow the public to enjoy products from the region directly from local producers, ranging from oils and wines to nuts and ready-to-eat dishes.

Following the concept of working the land, we created an image that is scalable to both horizontal and vertical formats, which alludes to the plowing and harvesting of fields, as well as the marks left by human labor on the land. With a limited budget, we designed a series of versatile and multifunctional elements that enabled the brand to be applied in the space, standard packaging solutions, and even on fresh products. Despite limited resources, we successfully established a robust and functional image for a business with similar attributes.


The plowing, the harvest, and the footprint left by the human work on the land are reflected in the brand's image.