A tribute to grandmas, grandpas and the Mediterranean sun

Delavia, which means "grandma's" in Catalan, is a journey back to the cherished memories of those childhood summers spent in the Catalan villages. It takes us deep into the heart of a timeless tradition – grandmas crafting preserves from the bountiful produce of grandpa's allotment. These are the summers of yesteryears. Our aim was to do more than simply capture the essence of sun-ripened tomatoes; we wanted to bottle the very spirit of those enchanting moments.

Our concept beautifully blends the sun's essential role in tomato growth with cyanotype printing, a technique that harnesses sunlight to create captivating blueprints. It pays homage to the radiant Mediterranean summers that bring these tomatoes to life.

This is a tribute to Mediterranean grandmas, resonating with the love and tradition of summers spent together. Delavia seamlessly intertwines creativity and the rich flavors of tradition, crafting a design that not only leaves a lasting impression but also eloquently embodies the essence of the brand.