Propyca, a frame that encapsulates bountiful harvests

Propyca is a company that curates raw, unprocessed products from the Catalan Pyrenees and sells them in gourmet shops and luxury restaurants in Paris.

If you take a stroll through the villages of the Pyrenees, you will still see remnants of the superstitious past of its inhabitants. The story goes that during the 16th and 17th centuries, when every misfortune was blamed on witches, the locals painted door and window frames in deep blue to protect those living inside, as well as their crops and livestock from bad omens. We adopted the blue frame as a metaphor for bountiful harvests and made it the central element of the brand. Used in varying proportions, both vertically and horizontally, along with a restrained treatment of typography and exquisite finishes, the packaging becomes iconic and, at the same time, maintains a connection to the origin and tradition of the products.


Photography: Pol Bellezza   I   Estudi Laia Fusté